Tom and Barbara Harris

tom-barb-02We have been enjoying our new shades for almost a week now.

It was not the most comfortable experience we have taken on because we never saw an example of the finished product except in pictures.

Well, our sliding shades are exactly what we had in mind and exactly what me saw in pictures, so we didn’t need to stress. We did find a couple of companies up in the San Francisco Bay Area that would make the slide shades. My husband and I were impressed with Holly’s friendliness and helpfulness and we really liked the fabric we saw at your plant in Carlsbad way back in April of this year. We also saw how you make the sun sails and were impressed with the workmanship of the sun sails. That was the reason we decided to order from Shazeebo. So thank you for being so patient with us and our many questions. The shades were finished when promised and they were shipped to us in bags and cardboard cylinders (great for storing and protecting the shades during the winter months).

The fabric you used on our slide shades keeps out the sun and it looks a lot better than our old system of moving around several umbrellas to help block the sun. The blue color of the shades is very attractive. The patio is protected from the sun but it is not too dark nor too hot out there during the heat of the day.

Thank you Shazeebo!