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Shazeebo Customer Questions and Answers

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What makes Shazeebo Different?

At Shazeebo we take pride in our company culture. We are happy with what we do and we take pride in our customer service. Whether you are looking for someone to come and install shade sails or you want to try your hand at a DIY shade sail project, we are here to answer all of your questions. 


Are shade sails right for me?

Yes! From big, multi-sail projects to small triangles, custom-made shade sails can be a great option for anyone. Our goal at Shazeebo is to make it easy to have shade sails. There are many options for shade sails to fit your space with Custom Shade Sails, Lace On Panels, and Invisible Frames. We've created a Shade Sail Design guide to get you started, click here.


Why are Shazeebo prices a little more than other companies?

At Shazeebo, we are dedicated to giving our customers a high-quality product that lasts for years. We take the extra steps to ensure our products will last. All our corners on our custom shade sails are double reinforced with webbing and extra stitches. We also only use lifetime Gore Tenara thread which is the best thread you can get on the market.  All our shade sails are made in beautiful San Marcos, California. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our shade sails. 


What warranty does Shazeebo offer?

The fabric has a 10-year warranty on it through the manufacturers and Shazeebo offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our custom shade sails. 


What does the warranty cover?

The fabric warranty covers cosmetic issues caused during manufacturing. The warranty does not cover damages caused by storms, hail, earthquakes, mechanical damage, animals, fire, or lightning. The lifetime workmanship warranty covers manufacturing defects.


What happens if my shade is under warranty and needs to be repaired/replaced?

If you come upon a situation in which your shade is damaged under warranty please call us (760) 603-3269.


Can I put a sail over my BBQ?

Don't install your sail over an open flame like BBQs and fire pits. The embers and sparks can float up to your sail and burn holes in the fabric.

Is it waterproof?

No. The fabric is made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) threads that are knitted together. While the fabric won't absorb water, the knitting allows some water to come through the fabric (more importantly - it allows the heat to escape, keeping you cool and comfortable underneath your sail).

What is the difference between the Commercial 95 Fabric and the Comtex Fabric?

Both of the fabrics have the same warranty. The only difference between the two is that the Comtex fabric does have a tighter weave.  All in all, it comes down to color choice.

Does the color of the fabric change the UVA & UVB?

White shade cloth protects against 93% UVA & UVB where Black protects against 95.8%.  The darker the color, the better UVA & UVB protection you will have.

Can I install my shade sail myself or should I hire an installer?

If you are located within our service area, we would be happy to do a full installation for you.

Am I able to attach the shade sail directly to my house?

Yes, but when attaching anything to your home we want to make sure we are attaching to a stud and that your house is structurally sound enough to hold the strength of a shade sail. Each corner can pull up to 2,000 lbs in wind and storms and 400 lbs at rest.


What hardware do you use?

The most common shade sail hardware setup is a perimeter cable and turnbuckles at the corners.  The perimeter cable keeps the sail tight and helps eliminate wrinkles.  The cable can be galvanized if you are not in a corrosive environment or stainless steel if you live near the beach or for sails over a pool area.  The turnbuckle’s job is to provide adjustability at the corners.  When you install a sail the last step is to tighten the turnbuckles.  When you remove a sail it is the turnbuckle that loosens and provides enough slack in the cable so that the sail can be taken down.  Turnbuckles should always be lubricated so that they do not seize up during the tightening process.  An 8 mm or 10 mm turnbuckle can be used for most residential-sized sails.

My shade sail has wrinkles, how do I fix it?

If your shade sail is wrinkled along the edge and you have cable in the pocket, loosen the cable it might be too tight. If there are wrinkles in the middle of the shade sail it is not tightened enough. Tighten turnbuckles until all the wrinkles are gone. If your shade sail does not have cable and the edge is wrinkled go around the edge and roll out the wrinkles.

How do I clean my shade sail?

When cleaning your shade sail, we recommend the use of mild dish soap with a scrub brush. Wet the shade sail, then mix soap and water in a bucket and gently scrub your shade. Rinse with a low-pressure hose. 


Should I leave my shade up all year or take it down?

Depending on what conditions you live in depends on whether you should take down your shade sail or not. Here in Southern California, we do not get snow so people here would most likely leave up their shade sails year-round. In Ohio where they get several feet of snow, we recommend you take down your shade sail to prevent damage to your shade sail and your home.


How should I store my shade sail for the winter?

If you plan to take down your shade sail for the winter, store your dried shade sail in a protective bag or plastic tub/bin in a dry safe area away from potential dangers such as heat, moisture, and rodents. Be sure to label/tag each corner before you put it away. That way you know exactly where each corner connects when it's time to put it back up.

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