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Here is a sampling of some of our shade sail projects. 

We hope these pictures inspire you for your shade sail project!

Case Study - DualShade Pg 2.jpg
Case Study - DualShade Pg 1.jpg

Check out this Shade Sail case study featuring our work!

Curt Farber patio before sails (14).jpg
Curt Farber Shade Sails (4).jpg




Field of Dreams

When the Field of Dreams needed a shade sail, they called Shazeebo.

Agua Hedionda

It was such a joy to provide beautiful shade for the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation for their outdoor learning programs. It looks good and will last a long time.

Shelter to Soldier

We partnered with The Fixers to provide a more complete shade area for the dogs and trainers at Shelter to Soldier.

Lachman Residence Shade Sail

Lachman Residence

This is a residential Do-It-Yourself project that turned out great! It's one of our favorite designs!

Residential Shade Sail


This is a residential project that was so fun to design and install! This backyard was truly enhanced with shade sails, making the space more enjoyable during the hot summer months.

Business Park Shade Sails by Shazeebo

Business Park Sails

Dramatic twists, dual colors, we love everything about these shade sails!

Playground Shade Sails by Shazeebo

Playground Sails

Shade sails are the perfect way to protect your loved ones from the sun so that they can enjoy the outdoors.

Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course Shade Sails by Shazeebo

Rancho Carlsbad 
Golf Course

We love to get creative with our shade sail designs and these sails for the Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course are no exception!

Invisible Frame Shade Sails by Shazeebo

Invisible Frame

Invisible Frame Shade Sails can be added to an existing pergola or other structure to provide more shade for your outdoor area.

Overlapping Shade Sails by Shazeebo

Overlapping Sails

Try overlapping your sails to create a dynamic look!

More Pictures...

A few more ideas for your project.

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