Here at Shazeebo we believe that it is important to give back.  Since we make the best shade sails on the planet it’s natural that we would want to give back the thing we do best.

How the program works:

Write us a letter and tell us about your organization.  Tell us who you are, what you do and how a Shazeebo shade sail will help.

If you are chosen we will help plan the Shazeebo shade sail and all the attachment points.  We will then ship you the sail and all hardware needed to install the sail.  You will be responsible for any posts and the installation of the sail.

Your organization will then be featured on our website which will hopefully send tons of goodwill your way.

Here is the letter that Daniel wrote to us for his project at TERI.

Dear Shazeebo,

My name is Daniel Alvarez, I am 15 years old and I am a Life Scout working for my Eagle Rank. My Eagle Project is for an organization named TERI. TERI is an organization that works to rehabilitate people with Autism and other mental and physical disorders. The project involves building multiple benches for the clients, people that work there, and for the volunteer groups that come in to help with their farm. I am planing on using three 18ft x 18ft Shazeebo shades over the picnic bench area. A shade sail would greatly benefit this project because during hot sunny days, TERI's clients cannot spend much time outside because it is too hot. The shade structure is vital so that clients can work, sit, and relax all in the shade.

Thank You,
Daniel Alvarez

Rancho Coastal Humane Society

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