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Happy New Year from Shazeebo Shade Sails!

As the year ends, we like to look back on what we’ve accomplished. 

We’ve provided beautiful, long-lasting shade for residents across San Diego County. 

We’ve completed several larger projects for businesses, providing lunchtime shade for employees, protection from the sun for playground and picnic areas, and even the top of a parking garage!

We proudly donated shade sails to the Rancho Coastal Human Society.

While we wrap up 2023, we also like to look ahead at what’s to come.

We’re so excited about what 2024 will bring. We’re launching a new product in 2024, The Triax Shade System! Triax is a versatile new system that allows for waterproof shade options. Many of you have called asking for waterproof, and while traditional shade sails do not function well with waterproof fabric, the Triax system does! 

We are excited to continue to provide shade to San Diego County and make people's lives a little easier, a little safer from the sun, and a little more beautiful.

Happy New Year from Shazeebo!

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