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Shade Sails: A Canopy of Creativity - 9 Innovative Design Ideas to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Shade sails are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing way to provide shade and enhance outdoor spaces. Shazeebo’s experienced design and sales team will work closely with you and our expert shade sail installers to create a custom shade sail design that looks amazing AND meets all of your shade needs.

Here are some creative shade sail design ideas to inspire you:

1. Overlapping Shade Sails Design:

Create an eye-catching display by overlapping multiple shade sails in different colors or shades. Shade Sails can be made in just about any shape, but triangle shade sails make great overlapping and accent pieces. This design not only offers ample shade but also adds a dynamic and artistic element to your outdoor area.

Overlapping shade sail design for poolside patio
Overlapping Shade Sail Design

2. Custom Curves Shade Sail Design:

Experiment with curved or twisted shade sails to achieve a modern and unique look. Shade sails with deep curves can follow the contours of your space, providing a visually interesting and artistic touch. Shazeebo can design your sail with a deeper than normal curve OR we can create custom curves to better fit your space and even avoid obstacles.

curved shade sail for deck
Custom Shade Sail Curve

3. Geometric Patterns:

Combine multiple shade sails in geometric patterns, such as squares, diamonds, or hexagons. Arrange them in an attractive layout to play with shapes and shadows, adding intrigue to your outdoor space.

4. Gradient Effect:

Use shade sails in a gradient pattern, transitioning from one color to another. This can create a visually appealing color blending effect, adding a sense of depth and dimension to your outdoor area. Shazeebo has a lot of great color choices including the unique DualShade fabric. Different colors can even be combined into one sail! We’ve even made shade sails meant to look like a sail from a Viking ship with alternating red and white stripes!

red and white striped Viking style shade sail
Red and White Striped "Viking" Shade Sail for Annual Viking Festival

5. Mix of Sizes and Heights:

Install shade sails of various sizes and heights to add complexity and depth to the design. Mix triangular, square, and rectangular sails at different levels to create an interesting visual effect and maximize shade coverage.

6. Sail with Lighting:

Integrate string lights or LED strips along the edges or underneath the shade sails to create a cozy and inviting ambiance for evening gatherings or outdoor dining. Shazeebo can install Cafe Lights on your shade sails!

café lighting installed on a shade sail in a backyard
Café Lighting for a Backyard Shade Sail

7. Sail Over Water Feature:

Position a shade sail over a pool, fountain, or other water feature to provide shade and enhance the visual appeal of the space. The play of light and shadow on the water can be captivating.

8. Graphics:

One of the benefits of ordering a custom-made shade sail is that you can request graphics to be sewn into your sails! Our favorite graphics include puppy paw prints we added for shade sails at an animal shelter and a skull and crossbones for a pirate-themed shade sail!

Skull and Crossbones Graphic Sewn into a Shade Sail
Skull and Crossbones Graphic for a Pirate-Themed Shade Sail

9. Cut-outs (Holes):

Sometimes we really need to have a hole in our shade sails! Custom holes can be cut out for interesting shade patterns, to allow light on a specific area, to allow an exceptionally tall play structure some extra space, or just because!

Hole Cut Into Shade Sail to Accommodate a Tall Play Structure
Custom Shade Sail Cut-Out (Hole) for Play Structure

Custom Shade Sails are a fun (and functional) way to add shade to your backyard, patio, deck, restaurant, playground, and more! Our sales team will consider the layout of your outdoor area, the direction of the sun, and your aesthetic preferences when designing and installing your shade sails. Our shade sail installers will ensure that the sails are properly anchored and tensioned for stability and durability. Be sure to discuss all of your design ideas and shade needs with your salesperson.

We can’t wait to create a stunning shade sail design just for you!

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