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Adding Shade Sails to your business offerings is a fun and easy way to increase your sales and marketability. If you've ever felt unsure of where to start with Shade Sails, have no fear! The lessons below are designed to help you, whether you need to start at the very beginning, or you just need a little extra support in one area. So check out the lessons section by section, or skip around as you need!

We make it easy for you to be in the shade business!

I wish I had this book when I got started with shade sails in 2004. At the time there was only one place in Phoenix that I could buy shade cloth and the only design guides were internet photos from projects in Australia. Thankfully times have changed and the shade sail market in the U.S. is growing. Customers are knocking on the door asking for “those triangle things”. There are plenty of good shade cloth options and now you have this book!

I hope it gives you the confidence to add shade sails to your product line and this helps you start making a profit on one of the only new things to hit our industry in years.

Patrick Howe
Founder and CEO


The information contained here will walk you through all of the steps to sell, design, order, and install shade sails. It will help you understand the material and concepts you need to add a profitable component to your business.

Throughout this digital workbook, we will have dynamic web links and videos that dive deeper into the subject. This information is also available in print.

We want to give you the detailed knowledge when and where you’ll need it ... “we make it easy!”

Robin DuBroy
Director of Operations

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Chapter 1:
What is a Shade Sail?
Shade Sails

Learn How to Speak "Shade Sail".

Chapter 4: I have a signed contract, now what?
Shade Sail contract

This is where the rubber starts to meet the road.

Chapter 7: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Keep your work looking good.

Chapter 2:
Shade Sail Design
Magazine Final 2-3-28c.jpg

We walk you through the most important thing to get right.

Chapter 5:
Shade Sail Installation
Patrick on ladder_install_baseball field

Your installers need to know this.

Chapter 8: Top 10
Shade Sail Mistakes to Avoid
10 Shade Sail Mistakes to Avoid

Everything you need to know.

Chapter 3:
How Do I Sell These Things?
Custom Shade Sail Selling Process (1).pn

Let's get right to it so you can make money.

Chapter 6:
How to sew a Shade Sail

Everything you need to know.

Chapter 9: 
Shade Sail Words to Know
Shade Sail Word Cloud

Everything you need to know.

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Chapter 1

What is a shade sail?

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