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We take great pride in supporting and growing the shade sail industry with high-quality products and amazing customer service.


With great selling features and a lot of room for profit, shade sails are a great addition to your business.

Here at Shazeebo, we manufacture custom-made, long-lasting shade sails for shade sail structures, hip canopies, invisible frames, and more. Attached is a quick informational sheet covering the benefits of becoming a Shazeebo Dealer such as:

  • fast lead times - no longer than 10 business days, with a 3-day rush option available 

  • personal attention from our outstanding sales team

  • quotes provided within 1 business day

  • top quality Tenara thread and fabric with a minimum 10-year warranty

  • training - we provide extensive knowledge about shade sail structures and installation with our Shade Sail University book and website

  • our special dealer pricing 

  • selling tools

  • referrals and lead-generation

  • proprietary hardware

  • and much more!  


We have a one-time fee of $5,000 to become a dealer, in exchange, we provide all the support you need to be successful in this industry. As an added benefit, you get to exclusively buy your shade sails from the best in the business.

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We look forward to working with you to

make our planet a HAPPIER place, one SHADE SAIL at a time.” 

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