The Shazeebo Sail

A Word From our Founder:

      “I love shade sails! A well-designed outdoor space with shade sails floating above can be very inviting. You get the feeling that you are supposed to be there, that this area was put together just for you to relax, hang out and enjoy being alive. When it comes time to leave the space it’s like a movie that you don’t want to end, you stay in your seat for a few extra minutes soaking it all in not wanting to head back out into the real world.

My favorite space of all time was built over a horse corral at a resort in Tucson, Arizona. It’s massive with huge steel posts and cables. Overlapping triangles provide complete shading over the seating area while allowing a view of the sky through the center ring. The project works as intended offering protection from the sun in an attractive package but also offers a special bonus. The angle and placement of the shade sails filter the sun so that it casts a giant shade flower on the arena floor. For me this was the project that made me fall in love with shade sails.

I hope that this guide gives you the inspiration and confidence to tackle your own shade sail project. Thumb through the pages taking note of things you like or don’t like. Imagine your outdoor space and how nice it would be to have people over without baking in the hot sun. A friend once said to me regarding cooking, “Sometimes you want to use all of your skill and talent to make a great meal and sometimes you’re just hungry.” The same can be said of shade sails. A small 12′ x 12′ x 17′ triangle may be just the ticket for your space or you may be ready to push the envelope and create something great.”

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