Top 10 Shade Sail Mistakes to Avoid

#10 Don’t use long skinny shapes

Shortest side should be at least ½ the length of longest side.

#9 Don’t use 2 triangles to fit a square or rectangular space

Triangles are inefficient.

#8 Don’t design flat sails when you can avoid it

Flat sails move more in the wind than sails with height differences.  This can cause premature failure of the sail fabric due to mechanical breakdown as well as excess wear and tear on the hardware.  A shade sail with different attachment heights looks better and will last longer than a flat sail.

#7 Don’t make the sail the same size as the space, it will be too small

#6 Don’t overlap sails without 3’ of clearance

#5 Don’t flip the grain of the fabric when joining panels

#4 Don’t cut the smallest lengths first when joining panels

#3 Don’t use regular thread, Do use lifetime warranty thread

Use lifetime warranty thread

#2 Don’t skimp on the posts

Lean posts out slightly to avoid looking bent.

#1 Don’t skimp on the footings

Can’t go wrong with 1/3 – 2/3 rule, when in doubt you must get an engineer’s approval.