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Everything you need to know to install your shade sail


This Installation Guide will walk you through all the important steps of shade sail installation. 

We are DIY friendly and we are here for you, so give us a call if you have any questions!

Design Tips

Begin with the end in mind and make sure to avoid the 3 most common mistakes:

1. "It doesn't where we want it to."

The sun's path across the sky, time of day, time of year, and attachment point heights must all be considered to get the shade sail just right.

2. "I wish we would have made it bigger."

Plan for your sail to be 25% larger than you think is necessary to account for the curved edges and attachment hardware.

3. "I wish we would have put more twist in it."

Flat sails are boring, they move in the wind and show more than a sail with height differences. If your sail will not have any twist, try to at least add some slope to the installation.

Design Do's and Don'ts

There are several ways to clean a sail.

1. A simple garden hose with a nozzle will remove most of the loose dirt.

2. Use a shade sail cleaner or soap. You can use a mild soap like Woolite and brush. A good scrubbing and a rinse will do wonders for your sail.

3. Send your sail to an awning cleaning company. We recommend Clean Awn in Lakewood, CA. or Awning Cleaning Industries in New Haven, CT.

Tip: If it's not too high up or difficult to reach, take down one corner, clean the top and bottom, reinstall that corner and then move to the next corner.

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