At Shazeebo we are dedicated to giving our customers a high-quality product that lasts for years. We take the extra steps to ensure that our shade sails will last. Our corners are double reinforced and we only use lifetime Gore Tenara thread, the best on the market. All of our shade sails are manufactured in beautiful San Marcos, California. Our shade sails are $6 per square foot, hardware included, plus shipping. Do you live in the San Diego area and are looking for someone to install shade sails for you? We do that too.


When you buy from Shazeebo you are getting the best shade sail on the planet.  We teach shade sail classes at our factory. We put Shade Sail University online as a resource to the industry.  We’ve taken the best ideas from all over the world and incorporated them into our products. If there was a better way to make shade sails, we would have already made the change.  


When you buy a shade sail from Shazeebo you are getting our best work.  We invest in communication so that we can understand our co-workers' point of view and speak their language to better solve problems. We celebrate each other on birthdays, holidays and special events making 168 S. Pacific Street a happy place to work. If there is ever a problem with your order, rest assured that the person on the other end of the phone cares and they will bend over backward to make it right.


When you buy a shade sail from Shazeebo you are helping us support great causes like Shelter to Soldier, Rancho Coastal Humane Society, and the North County Food Bank among many others.  Giving back is something that brings us joy. Helping our community just seems like something we should be doing. Using our expertise to help others is part of our identity.


You can find a cheaper imported shade sail.  What you won’t find anywhere is a better made, better supported, more beautiful, spreading the love-good mojo havin’-happy-life is good-proud to have in your backyard shade sail than one made by the good people in San Marcos, California!


We offer the best product on the market, We are do-it-yourself friendly, We do full installations,

and We're here for you.



The Shazeebo Team


Click Here to see Shazeebo proudly partner with The Fixers to support Shelter to Soldier, a local non-profit that brings post-9/11 combat veterans together with trained, rescue dogs to help both recover and move forward.

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