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The highly adaptable and versatile Triax System is perfect for just about any application. Great for larger commercial projects and just right for smaller residential projects, Triax can meet all of your shade needs.
Contact our sales and design team at 760-818-3291 or email us at so we can help you make your dream a reality.


Triax is a unique shade structure system designed and developed in Australia. The Triax system uses carefully constructed fittings to join together support beams without the need for welding. The clear span and water-shedding design makes Triax a versatile alternative to umbrellas, offering greater protection and a more cost-effective solution. This makes it a perfect fit for waterproof fabric applications as well as traditional shade cloth. Clean, simple, and efficient, the Triax system makes a beautiful shade statement.

Custom Shade Sail Structure

Triax is infinitely adjustable and can fit just about any space. The structure can be free-standing or attached to buildings.

17 DOMESTIC-2.jpg

Waterproof Option

The curved support beams provide the necessary structure to properly support waterproof fabrics and provide easy water runoff. Prefer a more breathable fabric? Shade cloth is a great fit for Triax too! 


No Welding Needed

The system is flexible and easy to use, saving time and money while allowing installers the freedom to create individual and customized designs.



At Shazeebo, we are dedicated to giving our customers a high-quality product that lasts for years. We take the extra steps to ensure our products will last. All our corners on our custom shades are double-reinforced with webbing and extra stitches. We also only use lifetime Gore Tenara thread which is the best thread you can get on the market.


Our custom sun shades use, marine-grade stainless steel cable and hardware and commercial-grade fabric with a minimum 10 - 15 year warranty. Our team is ready to design and install beautiful, unique, and long-lasting shade structures for your outdoor recreational areas.


We have kept our manufacturing here in the US. All our shade sails are made in beautiful San Marcos, California. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our shades. 

Triax Shade Structures are perfect for carports, patios, decks, picnic tables, parks, restaurants, office buildings, daycares, schools, and more!

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