Please join us in collecting Peanut Butter for the North County Food Bank throughout the month of October!

How can you get involved?
1. Collect Peanut Butter! You can collect peanut butter at your business, club, neighborhood or
place of worship and bring it to one of the businesses on the flyer or the North County Food
Bank by November 5, so we can get a final tally. If you’d like a barrel, please contact Kimberly
Castillo at 858-863-5133 or If you collect at least 200 pounds
(approximately one full barrel), she can schedule a truck to pick up the food at your location.

2. Encourage people to contribute monetary donations at! Invite your clients, friends and family via email –
encourage them to come by your office with their peanut butter or send them the link to make
a donation. All monetary contributions made through the web site will receive a personal letter
acknowledging their tax-deductible donation.

3. Post a flyer in your place of business to promote the opportunity.

4. Have a contest with your employees (or within your office building/business park).

For example:
 For every jar of peanut butter or $5 they contribute, they get entered into a drawing (for
a gift card, a day off with pay, a t-shirt – whatever will motivate them).
 Each week they contribute, they get to wear jeans to work on Friday.
 The department or team that collects the most gets a pizza party.
 Challenge the team – if collectively they bring in XXX jars of peanut butter, you’ll cater in
lunch, have a Halloween party, or shave your head.

5. Talk about the issue of hunger in North County
 1 in 6 people in North County are food insecure – that means they don’t always know
where their next meal is coming from. 1 in 5 kids. It’s a scary way to live.
 The North County Food Bank, a chapter of the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank,
provides food to more than 60,000 people every month by working with more than 120
non-profit partners (food pantries, soup kitchens, meal programs and shelters)
 The majority of people who are struggling with hunger in our region are working, but
just have a tough time always making ends meet.
 The North County Food Bank is focused on getting nutritious food to people who need it
– 1/3 of the food distributed is fresh fruits and vegetables.
 The San Diego Food Bank is a very efficient. 93 cents of every dollar goes directly to
programs and services; every dollar donated provides 5 meals for hungry San Diegans.

Together, we can Scare Away Hunger in North County!


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Join me at the Thanks(for)Giving in August fundraising dinner to support the North County Food Policy’s Turkey Tally Program. Your ticket includes dinner for you and will provide turkeys for 2 families in need this holiday season! Click here to purchase tickets